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Enrollment FAQ

What is required to enroll my student in TPS?

A parent or guardian shall provide the following:

*Birth Certificate

*Current Shot record OR a completed & signed exemption form. This form can be found under the Enrollment tab of our website.

*(2) proofs of residency (lease agreement, mortgage, utility bill, etc that is servicing the home you are living in within the Tuttle Public School District.  The parent/guardian’s name and service address must be visible). 


How long does the enrollment process take?

*Enrollment typically takes 1-2 business days after we receive the required documentation.


How will I know when my application has been processed and my student can begin attending the district?

*You will receive a confirmation letter with instructions.  The campus administrator from your school will notify you and set up an appointment to meet you and your student to determine a start date if after the first day of school.


If I enrolled participated in early Pre-K enrollment do I have to complete an Annual Update?

*No, your student is already enrolled and we have received the necessary paperwork required.  You will have have to complete a Residency Verification through the Google Form.  See the Residency Verification Page under the Enrollment Tab for information on how to proceed.  If you were required to have a Residency Affadavit due to living with a friend or family member, you will not have to complete another one.  Just complete the Residency Verification and upload the current proofs of residency that are required.


What if I can not provide proof of residency because I don’t own the home and I’m living with a family member or friend on a temporary basis?

*You will have to complete a Residency Affadavit.  The parent/guardian will have to sign and the homeowner will have to sign along with provide 2 proofs of residency.  She the Residency Affadavit Page with details.


What if my student participated with TCLA last year?

*You still have to complete the Annual Update and provide proof of residency.  You have to be a Tuttle Student living within the Tuttle District and be enrolled at TCLA.  She the TCLA page on the main page of this website for details.