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2024-2025 School Year Registration

If you participated in the ECC early enrollment for Pre-K and KG on 04/11/2024, you do not have to complete the annual update as you have already enrolled for the 24-25 schooL year.  You will have to complete the Residency Verification by submitting current verification that you are still living in the Tuttle School District.  You will not have to sign another Residency Affadivit as we will use the one from April however the person you are living with will need to submit their verification.  Click HERE to upload your Residency Verification for the 24-25 school year.

For NEW Students that didn’t attend Tuttle last school year:

Here’s what you will need in order to proceed with Online Registration.  Please note that it’s best to complete the registration from a desktop computer or laptop.  If you don’t have access to either, please call the Administration Building to schedule a time to come in during business hours to complete the application.  You can bring all the documents below as well.

Required Documents:

  •  (2) Proofs of residency:

    • Must be any two current bills within 45 days of application servicing the property you are living in within the Tuttle School district.  The bills (trash, electric, water, mortgage statement) must include parent/guardian(s) name and service address/service description.  The mailing address and/or mailing coupon will not be accepted.

      • We will accept a OK Uniform Contract of Sale New Construction or OK Uniform Contract of Sale Residential Sale showing pages 1 with Buyer/Sellers names address and closing date PLUS page 6 showing signatures from Buyer and Seller.  The City of Tuttle can provide a letter showing that you have created an account.  If the home is a new build, you will have 45 days to provide the 2nd proof of residency and/or letter from the city.  Established homes within the district must have 2 proofs of residency when applying.  A student will not be allowed to start until after the closing date.

      • We will also accept a Rental/Lease Agreement showing tenants names, Lessor’s name, address and terms of the rental/lease PLUS the signaure page showing signatures of all parties.  The City of Tuttle can provide a letter showing that you have created an account.  The student will not be allowed to start prior to the term start date.

    • If you are a parent/guardian that is living with family/friends and can not provide this information in your name, you will be required to complete a Residency Affidavit which the homeowner or person you are living with must sign and provide the (2) bills required above.  Please come directly to the Administration office after completing the online registration if this is your living situation or call 405-381-2605 for more information.

    • All documents uploaded must be a .jpg or .pdf document.

  • Student’s original state issued birth certificate

  • Student’s vaccine records and/or exemption form (Note, exempting vaccines doesn’t exclude previously administered vaccines.  We need still a complete history on file.  An exemption is only for future required vaccines from that date forward).

  • Any court documents, if applicable, to show custody agreement or proof of guardianship

  • Student’s transcript/report card from previous school (required for students 7th-12th grade).  You can request an unofficial copy from your school.  Once application is approved for enrollment, the school building that your child attends will request an official transcript along with other academic records.  If enrolling during the school year, we require a withdrawal form showing current grade at the time of withdrawal from the previous school.

Note:  It’s best to use a desktop computer or laptop to complete the registration.  If completing the online registration on a phone or ipad, please review the instructions on how to properly upload the documents.

Click for Apple Device Upload Instructions   /  Click here for Android Device Upload Instructions 


Registration Links:  

  • New families to the district (meaning no one in your family is currently enrolled), NEW STUDENT, CLICK HERE

    • Please have all documents ready to upload.

  • Returning Students in the district (meaning having one or more students that completed the last school year at Tuttle.  If this applies to you and you have a new student, you can add the new student to your household through the Parent Portal as well).

    • Infinite Campus Parent/Student Login Click Here

      • Please have your 2 proofs of residency ready to upload.  In the first section where you are verifying the primary household, you will click on link for Google Residency Verification From.  It will open a new tab for you to complete and upload documents on the 2nd page.  If submit the annual update before uploading your documents, please go the the Residency Verification page to find he link to upload your doucments.

        • You will be logging into your Campus Parent Portal.  The parent that is listed as the primary household will be the only one that can complete the Annual Update for Existing Student.  If a student has a split household, both parents will have a household set up in order for both parents to receive notifications and any mail outs but only 1 parent is required to complete the annual update.  

        • Once logged into your parent portal, go to MORE in the menu, choose ONLINE REGISTRATION.

          • For new students to your household, click 2024-2025 NEW STUDENT

          • For RETURNING students that need to complete the annual update, click 2024-2025 EXISTING STUDENT

        • (If you forgot your password, click on “forgot password” option at the login.  If you do not receive an email to reset your password, please click here PARENT PORTAL RESET REQUEST.  If you do not have a parent portal, please complete the form so that we can contact you to set up the account properly.

If you forgot to upload your Residency Verification to the Online Annual Update, click HERE to complete the missed requirement.