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One Stop Scholarship Spot

Southwestern OK Historical Society Scholarship – Deadline 1/15/20  (NEW)

Brockman Scholarship (Full-ride academic for STEM at Texas A&M) – Deadline 12/1/19  (NEW)

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Scholarship – Deadline 11/5/19  (NEW)

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship – Deadline 11/5/19 (NEW)

Masonic Scholarship – Deadline 10/31/19  (NEW)

Epic Flight Academy Scholarship – Deadline 10/11/19  (NEW)

Wichita State University Distinguished Scholarship Invitational – Deadline 10/15/19 and 11/1/19 – Various deadlines  

Oklahoma Youth With Promise – Deadline 6/1/20 

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship – Deadline 10/25/19 

VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship – Deadline 10/31/19 

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarships – Various deadlines


Scholarship search sites

GoingMerry  (You will be able to apply for multiple scholarships at one time. Your basic information will automatically pre-fill into the applications, cutting down the time it takes to complete scholarship applications. Local scholarships are also available here.)