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One Stop Scholarship Spot

OSU-OKC President's Leadership Scholarship – Deadline 3/6/20  (NEW)

Robyn's Way Scholarship – Deadline 3/1/20  (NEW)

Redlands Tuition Waiver Scholarship – Deadline 3/1/20  (NEW)

PEO Scholarship for Grady County Females – Deadline 3/20/20  (NEW)

Carrie Ann Nix Blakey Memorial Scholarship – Deadline 3/1/20

Darin McBride Memorial Scholarship – Deadline 3/1/20

Pete & Lela Stavros Scholarship – Deadline 3/1/20   

Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG) Scholarship Program – Deadline 3/2/20

DCU For Kids Scholarship Program – Deadline 3/6/20 

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship – Deadline 3/12/20  

Strength in Education Scholarship – Deadline 3/16/20

Ann Wade Strength in Education Scholarship – Deadline 3/16/20

Frances Koop Parsons/AT&T Pioneers Memorial Scholarship – Deadline 3/27/20

Archon Resources Scholarships-Finance & Accounting and IT – Deadline 3/31/20 

H.F. and Mary Ellen Virgin Scholarship – Deadline 4/1/20

Valorie Koelsch Memorial Scholarship – Deadline 4/1/20  

May T. Henry Scholarship – Deadline 4/1/20  

Jimmie L. Dean Scholarship Foundation – Deadline 4/15/20 

Ironworkers Local 854 Harvey A. Swift Scholarship – Deadline 5/1/20  

PB&J Scholarship – Deadline 5/31/20  

Oklahoma Youth With Promise – Deadline 6/1/20 

Oklahoma City Community Foundation Scholarships – Various deadlines


Scholarship search sites

GoingMerry  (You will be able to apply for multiple scholarships at one time. Your basic information will automatically pre-fill into the applications, cutting down the time it takes to complete scholarship applications. Local scholarships for only Tuttle students are also available here.)